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    Since its establishment in 1987, Golden Key Centres for Learning has been located across from the Mill Pond on Mill Street in Richmond Hill.    Golden Key Centres for Learning offers individualized tutorial instruction to children from Junior Kindergarten through grade twelve, and to those of any age whose native language is not English and who need English as a Second Language instruction.  Programs are offered during the day, in the evening, and on Saturdays.

      Golden Key offers specialized Direct Instruction programs for those who wish to upgrade their skills in Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Mathematics as well as programs for those with learning disabilities.  Direct Instruction programs are comprehensive, follow a specific teaching format, and are taught at Golden Key by specially trained instructors.  The Direct Instruction approach involves a very careful teaching of the skills needed to become competent in academic subjects.  Students entering these programs are given placement tests, which indicate their starting level.  The lessons are carefully sequenced and provide many opportunities for practice so that each skill is mastered before the student goes to a higher level.  Success is built into these programs.  As a result, students gain self-confidence and satisfaction as they see their grades at school improve. 

      If your child, either elementary or high school age, is having problems with specific subjects at school such as Mathematics or English, Golden Key can  provide tutorial support and help with specific homework assignments.  Sometimes a little one-on-one help is all a student needs to better understand and absorb what is going on in the larger class environment at school.  

     We are especially proud to have received a “VIP” Award in 1997 from the Learning Disabilities Association (York Region).  This award helped to confirm our belief that Direct Instruction programs are really beneficial for children and adults with learning disabilities.