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"Commissions of 6 percent for home sales once were the norm. That's changing."

— The Washington Post

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Tom Rose, Buyer

I love GoldenKey because this is the way house buying and selling should be in the internet era.

Saved $15,000

Justin Coe, Seller

During the process they made it very comfortable. Once I signed up, they sent me a real estate agent within a few minutes. He gave me a call and walked me through the steps in the process, and made everything very simple for me.

Saved $4,300

Latrice McFadden, Agent

GoldenKey is a great fit for some clients. If I can be that realtor for them that's great, but I can also be a regular full service traditional realtor as well. That's why GoldenKey is so appealing to me.

Realtor since 1997