Frequently Asked Questions from Buyers

  • Closing costs

    Closing costs vary by region and individual needs. Our partner agents will give you an accurate estimate of closing costs when you make an offer. Also, your lender is required by law to provide a detailed good faith estimate of closing costs.

  • Contract

    Some jurisdictions require a written buyer agency agreement in certain circumstances. Generally speaking, a buyer agency agreement is not necessary until the time of the offer.

    If you and your agent execute an agency agreement, it will be specific to the service you requested so as no to exclude you from other services. You and your agent will determine an appropriate duration of the contract, and it can be cancelled at any time, no questions asked, without further obligation, penalty or fee. So, you will maintain total flexibility.

    Note that agency agreements are not agency disclosure documents, which are fairly innocuous and in some jurisdictions necessary prior to receiving a service.

  • Cost & Pricing

    You can spend as little as $2,500 to buy a home and get a full commission refund.

    Choose the Bronze, Silver, or Gold plan to match your needs:

    Or you can purchase individual services a la carte:

  • Free home tours

    Most listing agents will give you a private tour of their listings if you ask. After all, listing agents have been hired by the seller to get their home sold. Be upfront and tell the agent if you do not intend to use their services.

    If the listing agent won't give you a tour, don't fret. We have agents standing by to give you tours of any homes you want to see.

    It's easy to determine who the listing agent is by looking on or

  • Getting started

    The first step is to choose the plan that best fits your needs. Step two is to order the first service you need. A proven agent will get to work for you.

    If you already know the home you want to buy then your first service will be Make An Offer:

    If you are still looking for a home then your first service will be Home Search Alerts which notifies you immediately when homes come on the market that match your criteria:

    If you have identified some possible homes then your first service step is Tour Homes:

  • How it works

    Buying a home is easy and profitable with GoldenKey. You get full agent representation just like you would expect from a traditional commissioned agent but on an a la carte basis. Instead of paying a big commission at the end you only pay a small fee. See how it works here:

  • Inspections

    You will want to obtain a variety of inspections on the property you purchase, including building, terminte, and radon. Your agent will help you through this process.

  • New construction

    Buying new construction is easy with GoldenKey. Yes, our rebate does apply to new construction. Builders welcome and cooperate with GoldenKey partner agents. Be sure to register your agent with the builder at first contact. It's that easy. Your agent will guide you through the process and apply your rebate at closing.

  • Offer Not Accepted

    There is no penalty or obligation if your offer is not accepted, and you only pay the plan price if you successfully purchase the home.

  • Rebate

    With GoldenKey, you receive the ultimate home buyer refund. Your buyer agent will refund their commission to you at closing. The commission refund is typically 3% of the purchase price. For example, on a $500,000 purchase you get a $15,000 refund while spending as little as $2,500 on agent services, saving you $12,500!

    The refund applies to any home listed in the multiple listing service (MLS), new construction, and more. You do not have to buy a home listed by a GoldenKey partner agent to qualify.

    The rebate is included on your settlement statement at closing as a credit from your agent. You may use the rebate to pay closing costs, pay down loan principal, pay prepaid expenses like home owners insurance, pay down the interest rate with points, or receive a check at closing. All rebates are subject to lender approval and state law. Speak to your lender at the earliest possible time regarding any rules or restrictions they have regarding commission refunds.

    The GoldenKey partner agent who is handling your transaction will facilitate the refund. Your agent will commit in writing to proving the rebate on the buyer agency contract that you sign before making an offer. The refund amount is the established commission on the buyer side of the transaction, not exceeding 3% of the sales price. If the offered buy side commission is less than 3%, then you may include a provision in the contract to establish a 3% buy side commission or choose to accept the lesser refund amount. Your agent will help you decide. For your protection, the refund will be formally written in to the buyer agency agreement between you and the agent. The refund will not be referenced in the purchase contract.

    The IRS has ruled that commission refunds are not taxable income. The refund is a reduction in the cost of the home you buy. That said, it is recommended that you contact a tax professional regarding any potential tax implications.

    Commission refunds are legal in 40 states. The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) provides a map showing which states allow refunds.

    Check out our cool refund calculator:

  • Service Plans

    If you have already identified the home you want to buy then the Bronze plan ($2,500) will get you everything you need to buy it. It's a full service plan and is virtually the same service you would get from a traditional commissioned agent. If you need to do a little searching before you make an offer, choose the Silver plan ($3,000) instead. And if you need to do a lot of searching, choose the Gold plan ($3,500). Remember you can always purchase additional services a la carte if needed.

    Choose your plan here:

  • What's Included

    You will get full agent representation including consultation, property research, contract preparation, and negotiation of terms. Unlimited counteroffers are included until you reach an agreement with the seller. Following an accepted contract, you will get continued agent representation from the same agent and step by step support through closing just like you would get with a traditional commissioned agent.

  • Zillow, Trulia, and

    Websites like zillow, trulia, and are mainly for home searching. However, the listings on these sites are surprisingly incomplete, inaccurate, and delayed. Many home listings are restricted from appearing there, and the listings that do appear are oftentimes delayed by hours or days. That said, if you happen to find a home on those websites, you can connect with an agent on GoldenKey to tour it or make an offer.

    The only complete & timely source of listings is your local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). With GoldenKey's Home Search Alerts, you get priority email notification of all new homes in your local MLS that match your criteria before other buyers even know about them.

    You can get Home Search Alerts here: