Get the job done easily and on demand with these best practices for finding, hiring, and working with GoldenKey agents.

Act professionally to attract professionals

By representing yourself in a way that is respectful and businesslike, you’re more likely to attract top talent. Submit job posts that are complete and professional.

Begin with great communication

Clear and straightforward communication is key.

  • Introduce yourself and set mutual expectations. This is especially important if you’re working with an agent for the first time. The more information you give your agent, the better.

  • Keep your timeline on track by responding promptly to requests for additional information or instructions.

  • Give kudos for a job well done and share constructive criticism to improve performance.

  • If there are discrepancies, try to work it out directly with your agent. If you are unable to come to a resolution, you may file a dispute through GoldenKey.

Last, but not least...

The entire GoldenKey community depends on honest and objective ratings and feedback. Once the service is complete, please take some time to evaluate and share your experience.