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GoldenKey is on a mission to revolutionize real estate.

What is GoldenKey?

GoldenKey is a trusted community platform that saves home buyers and sellers thousands of dollars by connecting them to real estate agents who offer their unbundled services for a flat rate rather than a commission of the sale. Hundreds of people use GoldenKey every month creating an entirely new, people powered, real estate platform.

With a dedicated customer service team, a state of the art website, and a fast-growing community of users, GoldenKey is changing the way buyers and sellers use real estate services and offering a new way for real estate agents to earn a living.
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Why do we exist?

Unbundled Real Estate Services

Until now, home buyers and sellers had little choice but to use all the services of a real estate broker or none of them at all. On GoldenKey, agents unbundle their services, enabling buyers and sellers to customize their experience by selecting only the services they need.

Fees Vs. Commission

Traditionally real estate agents are compensated with commissions even though most professionals like lawyers and accountants operate on a fee for service basis. On GoldenKey, real estate agents charge flat fees so compensation is based on work done not sale price.

Meet the GoldenKey team

Many Minds. One Vision.
Shayne Sowers
President & Co-Founder
Narayan Krishnan
CTO & Co-Founder
Tommy Sowers
CEO & Co-Founder
Ruben Escudero
Principal Software Engineer
Tiana Horn
Business Analyst
Sunny To
Senior Software Engineer
Aaron Picart

GoldenKey Values


Member identities are authentic.The community self-moderates, using profiles and ratings to evaluate members and vet those that do not respect our positive community collaboration.


The GoldenKey network is comprised of actual home buyers, home sellers, and real estate agents. Members use their real identities, ensuring that people behave responsibly under their real names & photos.


Trust is at the center of our community. Every time two members conduct business they publicly rate each other, allowing the members to build up a trusted community reputation.


On GoldenKey, home buyers and sellers get to choose what services they need and when they need them. Agents can choose which services they want to provide and in what areas they want to do them.
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