Legal Compliance

GoldenKey is not a real estate brokerage

GoldenKey is an interactive online marketplace platform. We are not a real estate brokerage, do not provide any real estate services or real estate advice and do not provide or participate in any real estate agency representation.

No real estate professional endorsements

Please note that GoldenKey does not validate any profile information entered by the real estate agents who register or make any representation as to the quality, qualifications, expertise or credentials of any real estate professional. The real estate professionals are solely responsible for their statements on their profile and in their communications with others on GoldenKey or through other means. We make no representation about fitness of a particular real estate professional for a specific home buyer or that the quality of the real estate services to be performed by a real estate professional on GoldenKey is greater than the quality of real estate services performed by other real estate professionals.

GoldenKey is not a real estate referral service

GoldenKey's online platform makes it fast and easy for home buyers to find and hire real estate professionals to perform specific tasks. We do not evaluate or recommend any specific sequence of events in the home buying process or endorse any particular real estate professional or firm to a home buyer. Therefore we are not a "real estate referral service" and if you are seeking referral to an real estate professional or firm for your home buying needs, please contact the local real estate commision in your state for a list of certified real estate professional brokers and firms.

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