April 22, 2015

Tommy Sowers

Chad Troutwine becomes the newest Advisor to SOLO

Multi-sector entrepreneur: "GoldenKey is going to reshape residential real estate."

Today, GoldenKey announced that Veritas Prep CEO Chad Troutwine has officially joined the GoldenKey team as an Advisor. 

"GoldenKey is going to reshape residential real estate," says Troutwine. "SOLO's Founders have identified systemic inefficiency in the real estate industry, and their win-win solution is going to pay dividends for both buyers and agents. I'm excited to be a part of the GoldenKey team."

Chad Troutwine has a history of innovative success across four different industries. After starting a real estate development company in his hometown, he produced 15 films that premiered at the world's most prestigious film festivals, including the 2010 documentary reimagining of Freakonomics. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Veritas Prep, the largest privately held test preparation company in the world. This year, Chad also launched Codesmith, an immersive programming education platform. He has been named the Forbes Future Capitalist of the Year and one of Entrepreneur Magazine's Top 20 Trailblazers and Trendsetters.

"Chad is a consummate entrepreneur, but his staying power and record of unqualified success set him apart. He has the Midas touch," says GoldenKey Founder and CEO Tommy Sowers.  "His creative bent is matched by his ability to execute across multiple industries – finding value where others were content with the status quo. Chad is an ideal advisor for GoldenKey as we do the same."

By unbundling real estate, GoldenKey offers buyers a full 3% rebate on a home purchase and empowers agents to work on their own terms – the services they love, on the schedule they want, at the prices they set.  SOLO's recent pilot launch in Ft. Lauderdale, FL has validated the model as real estate agents flock to GoldenKey's online marketplace to offer à la carte services to buyers. The GoldenKey Founders bring decades of multi-sector leadership and clear vision to GoldenKey, which is rapidly closing out its seed round of investment.

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