October 22, 2015

Tommy Sowers

GoldenKey announces strategic investment by Duke Angel Network, the Duke Innovation Fund and CBC New Media group

Funding closes $1.6M seed round

GoldenKey, a Durham based, venture backed startup that offers home buyers up to a full 3% rebate, and unbundled real estate services, announced a strategic investment by the Duke Angel Network and the CBC New Media Group that closes their $1.6M seed round.

“This investment by the Duke Angel Network and CBC New Media Group continues a strong connection between GoldenKey and the community,” says Tommy Sowers, CEO and Founder of GoldenKey and Duke former faculty and alum. “The Durham region is the center for startups in the South. Both Duke and the CBC New Media Group, through their investments in Durham's downtown and startup spaces laid the critical foundation for this community. Now with a program like the Duke Angel Network it is clear why we decided to base GoldenKey in Durham.”

The Duke Angel Network (DAN), launched in 2015, brings together the Duke entrepreneurial community, Duke alumni network, and innovative private companies to empower the businesses that drive our future.

DAN's mission is to support the global Duke entrepreneurial community with an angel investing platform and co-investment fund (the Duke Innovation Fund) that engages and leverages the power of the Duke alumni network. DAN members work actively to connect DAN portfolio companies with the Duke network to foster collaboration and further success.

“The investment in GoldenKey is exactly why we launched the Duke Angel Network.  Our alumni are eager to connect and support great companies, especially those with a strong Duke connection,” said John Glushik, Managing Director of the Duke Angel Network.    

“The Duke Innovation Fund is excited to be an early investor in GoldenKey. GoldenKey's team, led by a Duke alum and former faculty member, can revolutionize how people buy homes and how agents make a better living.  To help capitalize, mentor and advise these big ideas is why we created the fund,” said Eric Toone, Ph.D., Vice Provost and Director of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative at Duke.

“At the CBC New Media Group, our core mission is creating innovative digital products that meet the needs of the general public and the business community.  GoldenKey is one of those innovative ideas that uses tech to benefit home buyers and agents,” said James Goodmon, Jr., VP/General Manager of CBC New Media Group.